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UMANON Radio in 2017?

Should Umphreak’s Anonymous revive their livestreaming radio project?

In early 2016, we killed off a pet project that we adored, but had neither the time or funding to support properly, Umphreaks Anonymous Radio. Inspired by Sirius/XM’s “Grateful Dead Channel”, and other similar projects, we created a 24/7 online streaming hub where fans could tune in from anywhere and hear Umphrey’s AUDs of new shows and SBDs of classics, alongside original podcasts, special events broadcasts, and more. However, because Umphreak’s Anonymous is a fan administered volunteer organization which focuses on celebrating the fanbase AND the music that we love, we soon found that we could not self-fund UMANON Radio. We considered selling advertising time to Pinjas and other scene related artists as a way to keep the feel of the radio within our culture and not have it be some ugly Google Adspace (our website contains no advertisements, either), but the organization this would require was nearly impossible for our small team in 2016.

Now, we are punting the idea of reviving Umphreak’s Anonymous Radio, seeing if the community would have an interest in kickstarting the project. For around $200, we can likely revive Umphreak’s Anonymous Radio and provide the team enough resources to purchase the multicast space and create original podcasts (likely once monthly) for a year. If it goes well, we could likely create more podcasts, and accept fan created podcasts of quality to put on the stream.

However we’ve been wondering if this is something the fanbase would even be interested in? One thing we know about Umphreaks, they love their favorite shows or listening to the most recent one the whole way through. Umphreaks also already have many options to get their music, including Nugs.Net and UMLive and our souce, That also brings up a point as well, the Radio is powered by because we do not own the rights to broadcast new Umphrey’s SBDs across the globe – that would probably require several hundred, or possibly thousand, more dollars. Not all the audio is crispy (though some is quite crisp), and tapers are a megavital resource to keeping music alive and FREE for the public, and the band certainly seems to recognize, respect and love it. Either way – is this, a 24 hour streaming Umphrey’s station, something Umphreaks would even use?

As we move into 2017, Umphreak’s Anonymous has big plans as part of a refocusing of our resources. We’re moving our website away from its previous social structure (though there are forums there), and refocusing on multimedia that highlights the fanbase and those who are addicted to the facemelting jams we crave. This likely means the active return of the Umphreak Collective (our creative online fanzine), and our humorous blog The Utopian Blur. This also means continuing to feature absolutely gorgeous photography from some of the best who capture our favorite band, like Tara Gracer Design & Photography. We want to be more than your standard community fanpage. This amazing band has some amazing fans, and as a community we can create some cool shit – we’ve never asked those that follow this page to fund any of our projects before, and we’re not certain the community would even want to create this tool or if you would rather see us focus on something else (and if so, what?!), but we want to put these concepts out there incase it’s something you’d like to help us create. Should we?

Happy new year, all! Lets rage together in 2017!

[photo from Tara Gracer, New Years Eve Run 2016]

As of March 26th, All Social Profiles on UMANON will Be Turned Off

Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere

We’re just opening up room in the schedule for other projects.

So, what’s happening?

We’re closing down all embedded “Social” aspects of the Umphreak’s Anonymous website.


We created the socialized version of our website a year and a half ago during a time when everyone was ready to hate Facebook. There was some Terms of Service rumors floating around, coupled by a heightened awareness of Facebook selling statistical info to advertisers, etc. A crappy alternative, ello., was making the rounds and fell particularly flat to us. We saw an issue and an opportunity – if people stop using Facebook, we’ll lose much of our ability to reach the community that we love, but we could craft a place that community could escape to should they chose to leave Facebook.

It never happened though. People never left Facebook. Facebook’s addicting. I know firsthand. And with much of our functionality based on offering a similar alternative, most people did not see the necessity in the Social functionality. So, instead of pitching our efforts that way, we will continue to offer original content and Umphrey’s related news and reviews, and will expand our creative offerings as much as we can, with less focus on site maintenance and, well, more focus on Umphrey’s.

We WILL Continue to Offer a Social Alternative! UMANON Slack!

We didn’t develop this option, but we already use it daily and figured it couldn’t hurt to open to the community.

#SLACK is a team building and project management tool that can be co-opted to be used in a “Social” way. A cross between Twitter and old-style, always open chat-rooms, SLACK and be used as a live place to discuss and focus only on Umphrey’s in real time. It’s pretty genius (and if you’re on a professional team and are not already using this, you should check it out for your team) and is low maintenance and available on every platform.

If you want onboard, request an invite below, should be fun 🙂

Our Favorite Utopian Blur Articles 2015: “Umphrey’s Purposely Not Playing Song for You”


Looking back on some of our favorite content from 2015 – who can forget this classic TheBlur. article from September

“Umphrey’s McGee, fully aware that you will be attending their performance at the upcoming Lockn’ Music Festival in Arrington, Virginia, continue to do everything within their power to avoid playing that song that you’ve been chasing for the past several tours…”

Don’t Forget About our NYE Survival Guide!

New Years Eve 2015!


From out of state and it’s your first time in Colorado? Seasoned Mile High vet looking for something new to do? Facemelted fan looking for details on the venue/shows/aftershows and the rest of that tasty goodness?! Want to read up about the history of Umphrey’s New Years Eves come and gone?! Check out our Umphreak’s Anonymous New Years Eve 2015 Survival Guide! Being added to daily, this little run down endeavors to be a one-stop shop for your NYE Update needs.

We’ll be adding photo galleries, reviews, podcasts and other goodies to this page throughout the run!

Do YOU have all your New Years Ever plans worked out?! If not, let us help! 🙂


Happy Birthday to the Man, The Myth, The Legend: Jake Cinninger!

Happy Birthday to the flicker finger champion, Jake Cinninger!

Born on December 16, 1975, this Superstar Sagittarius has brought the fire (and the brimstone) to our ears over the last decade and a half! Thank you for being you, Jaco!

According to Wikipediar:

Cinninger was raised in Niles, Michigan where he says his parents’ extensive record collection influenced his eclectic tastes in music. Cinninger began playing in many bands by the age of 12, ranging in styles from jazz fusion to country music. After spending some time in the Berklee School of Music, he took classical guitar lessons from Gerry Zubko in Roseland, South Bend, Indiana.[1] In 1997, he started his own band, Ali Baba’s Tahini and regularly played shows alongside of another local band, Umphrey’s McGee. Cinninger chose to learn his chops by playing with others rather than attend a college musical curriculum, as many of his friends did. Eventually, Ali Baba’s Tahini disbanded in 2000 and Cinninger accepted an offer to join as a full-time member of Umphrey’s McGee in 2000.


Tara Gracer MKE 2015 N2 (12)

Desperately Seeking Graphic Designers for Utopian Blur Articles!

Do YOU have what it takes to write amazing satire of a high caliber?

Are you a graphic design wizard? Unlimited comedic potential who wants to bolster their portfolio and are willing to work for little-to-no compensation? Well then let us abuse your talents – contact us for the opportunity to poke meticulous fun of our scene with projects new and old! We’re looking for people of all creative talents who would love to make high quality satire, we have a big idea in our brains and we need other people to help us vomit it out. Can you write as well as a fourth grader? Better than a fourth grader? Good for you, but we need someone a little less stupid – how about 8th grader? Now we’re talking. Bring them Hemmingwayesque skills our direction so that we may use your talents as a springboard for our platform of world domination. Soon enough you’ll be churning out propaganda for the Joel-for-President war machine, once again in action, ready to take the helm as president of these here United States of Jambands. Or some shit like that. Whatever. If you want work that we can’t pay you for, harass us so that we may harass you. Note: Not limited to Umphrey’s McGee. Terms and conditions may apply. We have the right to be like “naw, fuck this idea” and then peace out on it like woah. Also, we retain rights to your first born, if that child has already been birthed then we retain rights to your next kin, to be harvested young to enlist in the army of Joel which will dominate the jam scene until all artists are Joel. Or whatever, not Joel, you heard none of that, I’m not possessed by the disembodied spirit of Joel who is playing Ouija in LA. No, not at all. If you want to write satire, manipulate photos, take photos to be manipulated, or eat the young for sustenance, message us. Or don’t, whatever.

Submit a Venue to our Wiki!

Our Venue Wiki has returned (with a VENGEANCE)! Growing fast to contain as many venues as possible – the Venue Wiki is now embedded into Umphreak’s Anonymous’ central hub to make for easy integration into all of our other tools! However, our administrators haven’t been everywhere and this page runs on fan submission – so please consider submitting a venue to our Wiki below! It’s easy and fast! Enjoy our new tool, vote on the venues you’ve been to and let other Umphreaks know heady tips and tricks you wouldn’t find on Yelp!