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As of March 26th, All Social Profiles on UMANON will Be Turned Off

Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere

We’re just opening up room in the schedule for other projects.

So, what’s happening?

We’re closing down all embedded “Social” aspects of the Umphreak’s Anonymous website.


We created the socialized version of our website a year and a half ago during a time when everyone was ready to hate Facebook. There was some Terms of Service rumors floating around, coupled by a heightened awareness of Facebook selling statistical info to advertisers, etc. A crappy alternative, ello., was making the rounds and fell particularly flat to us. We saw an issue and an opportunity – if people stop using Facebook, we’ll lose much of our ability to reach the community that we love, but we could craft a place that community could escape to should they chose to leave Facebook.

It never happened though. People never left Facebook. Facebook’s addicting. I know firsthand. And with much of our functionality based on offering a similar alternative, most people did not see the necessity in the Social functionality. So, instead of pitching our efforts that way, we will continue to offer original content and Umphrey’s related news and reviews, and will expand our creative offerings as much as we can, with less focus on site maintenance and, well, more focus on Umphrey’s.

We WILL Continue to Offer a Social Alternative! UMANON Slack!

We didn’t develop this option, but we already use it daily and figured it couldn’t hurt to open to the community.

#SLACK is a team building and project management tool that can be co-opted to be used in a “Social” way. A cross between Twitter and old-style, always open chat-rooms, SLACK and be used as a live place to discuss and focus only on Umphrey’s in real time. It’s pretty genius (and if you’re on a professional team and are not already using this, you should check it out for your team) and is low maintenance and available on every platform.

If you want onboard, request an invite below, should be fun 🙂

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