Update 2

Hi there Umphreaks! We wanted to quickly update you just to bring you up to over the past couple weeks since we last spoke. Firstly, our Kickstarter has ended and we are more than double funded, so we wanted to thank you from the bottom of our Umphlovin’ hearts that you think this project will be as fun as we do!! With these funds, we have bought upgrades to the game engine’s software and also give small contributions to artists in the community who are volunteering their time toward this project. If you’re an artist and have an interest in volunteering your time towards something like this project, please hit us up. We always have something doin’ for graphic artists, writers and musicians.

Speaking of other artists contributing to the project, we are proud to announce that Scott Hannay of Umphrey’s McNES is allowing us usage of his awesome 8 bit recreations of Umphrey’s tunes for the game! Your epic turn based battles are ensured to have an absolutely amazing soundtrack! Thank you so much, Scott!!

We have been hard at work developing various maps for the game, laying down the ground work mechanics, creating a full timeline of the main narrative, programming weapons and developing a setting. Our goal is to create an immersive, fun and relevant environment full of band innuendos and nods to the greater jam community alongside homages to music, science fiction, astronomy and art in general. It’s been tons of fun to imagine an entire solar system for this adventure to take place in and we think you’ll find the experience fun and funny as well as engaging — we want to avoid our players thinking “oh, just another UM tie-in for no reason“, and have them moreso thinking “absolutely awesome/hilarious how they worked in that reference“.

Much more on the setting and maybe even a preview of one of our characters and some of the animation next update. Items we have purchased thus far include several tileset upgrades and the updated game engine (RPG Maker MV), obtained art for many relevant enemies. We’ve also spent countless numbers of hours downloading and editing in animations and software.

Finally, we wanted to thank everyone for funding this project. It has received positive attention and feedback beyond what we ever could have dreamed. Hope you have an absolutely fantastic weekend and we’ll provide more information and goodies for you next week!

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