Update 1: Funded!

Amazing!!! – several EXTREMELY positive developments have occurred throughout the day today!

First and foremost – WE ARE FUNDED! Thank you thank you thank you!! Umphreaks across the country cannot wait to see this project get started and we are honored and humbled that so many came together and donated their hard-earned dough to see this become a reality. We promise to work diligently to craft this turn-based sci-fi epic. We will keep you posted every step of development (without spoilers) through (atleast) monthly updates, blog posts and on our Twitter page.

The second awesome development is that the software that we will be using to make this game – (the one we mentioned in the original funding blurb) RPG Maker MV – just so happened to randomly go on sale this afternoon! Which is awesome!! We were able to pick up the software at a third of its general sale cost which means we are able to make all funds we’ve raised go much further as the main software package is the majority of our cost!! We will be able to use the additional funding towards purchasing add-ons, additional graphics and tilesets. If there are any costs associated with the game eventually being published in the Google Play or Apple stores, we’ll also put any additional left over funds towards that.

In relation to that, please feel free to keep sharing with your friends (no pressure, of course, we already have more than we could have imagined thanks to your amazing, kind magnanimity) – though we are already funded, any additional donations will be used to purchase more art, more midi music, more animations that are already in existence within the community and will make it so we have to do less of that custom programming ourselves and can focus on the game mechanics, storyline, layout, etc. Once again, no pressure, you just are already awesome and this is already awesome and we are so excited to get started building this game, but never hurts to click the share button.

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