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Joel Provides Further Insight As to Issues with The Fort

Joel has provided further insight into what caused the issue at The Fort, where there were disagreements, and how the surrounding community created barriers for the show. Read the tweet below:

What can we do?!

Go rage St. Augustine! Spend LOTS of money there. Take tons of pictures, tell people how AMAZING St. Augustine is, success is the sweetest revenge.

We suggest that Umphreaks write to leaders in the local community letting them know how disappointed we are in the way they treated this situation. This needs to be done SUPER RESPECTFULLY, however, we at Umphreak's Anonymous think it is important that we not be marginalized or stereotyped as a fanbase. While Umphreaks have certainly been known to cut loose from time to time, we were well aware of the historical importance of the venue and believe that an Umphrey's McGee concert would have brought tons of commerce to Amelia Island. The true insult is that we were LOBBIED against by church groups, and that after planning our vacations in their community, they would shun us. In light of the facts, we here at Umphreak's Anonymous are happy to take our charity and monetary contributions to a community which has happy received us. St. Augustine, Umphreaks love you, thank you for having us!! Fernadina Beach, keep your historical fort and prejudice, we don't need you!!

Please, respectfully, feel free to write into the contact listed and let them know your disappointment and how you will be super happy to spend your money and time someplace else.

We got all these contacts off the interwebs and will post any other relevant contacts when we get them. Please be respectful, but honest.

City of Fernandia Beach -

Ameilia Islander Magazine
P.O. Box 16624
Fernandina Beach, FL 32035

Fort Clinch State Park
2601 Alantic Ave
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034
(904) 277-7274

Mayor Ed Boner
Vice-Mayor Johnny Miller
Commissioner Pat Gass
Commissioner Robin C. Lentz
Commissioner Tim Poynter

City Hall
City Commission Chambers
204 Ash Street
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

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