on this day in umphrey's history

On This Day in Umphrey’s History

On This Day in Umphrey’s History

01.28.2003 PEOPLE’S, AMES, IA, USA

Set 1: Intro > Kabump[1] > The Fuzz, Get In The Van, When the World Is Running Down You Make the Best of What’s Still Around[2] > Roulette, Example 1 > Uncommon

Set 2: 40’s Theme, 13 Days > Tribute to the Spinal Shaft > August[3] > Pooh Doggie > White Man’s Moccasins, 2×2, Uncle Wally[4] > Pay the Snucka[5]

Encore: Syncopated Strangers

[1] with The Crooked One tease
[2] with Gypsy Queen (Santana) and Baker Street (Gerry Raferty) teases
[3] with You Really Got Me (The Kinks) jam
[4] with JaJunk tease
[5] part III only

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