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Whatever We’ve Got About: Umphrey’s + Lettuce At Fort Clinch, April 2015

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Whatever We’ve Got About: Umphrey’s + Lettuce At Fort Clinch, April 10 – 11, 2015

What’s the Skinny?
Umphrey’s McGee, Lettuce, and possibly others/more, host a camp out gathering in Fernandina Beach, Florida.

Who are going to be the Late Night acts?
Late nights have already been announced and have sold out! They will be held at Dog Star Tavern , one night featuring The Omega Moos, the other night featuring The Fort Clinch All-Stars, Jake & Joel along with Eric Kranzo, Adam Deitch, Jesus Coomes, Adam Smirnoff, and Shady Horns

Why is this Awesome?
Aside from is being the foremost in progjam and funk combining for two nights of facemelting, hip shaking madness? Because it’s taking place on an island in Florida, in an infamous fort built pre-Civil War! Holy shit!

How much is this going to cost me?
Tickets are only available as a two day pass, which will cost $150 total…camping cost is only $20.
The entire event is a benefit for Fort Clinch State Park. That’s $170 not including travel costs.

Is Camping Going to Be In the Fort?
No. From what we can tell, it actually appears that people will actually be camping on a baseball field a mile away from the venue. This is coming from the recently post (1/30) FAQ on the boy’s official site. There is no alcohol allowed on site, nor are there showers. However, there is a bathroom and it is apparently not far from downtown bars. If you’re looking for a cheap option or don’t really care to drink, the camping option might be fore you. Umphreak’s Anonymous is suggesting that, if you’re party hound, you make other accommodations on the island.

How is VIP Lookin?

photo by philipp w. erhardt

photo by philipp w. erhardt

Tasty. As. Fuck. I don’t know how to compare thing as far as cost, etc, but if you’re flying in and hate camping (like, desperately need air conditioning or something like that), or just looking to live luxurious, VIP is pretty damn nice for the price. Once you include ticket price, hotel price, private viewing platform (with ocean view), designated driver (I think it’s Andy’s turn to drive this time),  two drinks, private server, you get the picture. The hotel is the Seaside Amelia Island Inn.

Can’t Camp, but Can’t VIP?

Looks like there’s other hotels on the island, including a Comfort Suites and Day Inn – the Days Inn being a 12 minute approximate drive from the venue.

How Do I Get To This Crazy Place?

Well, getting to Fernandina Beach is going to be your problem. However, directions are as follows from Historvirus: Located in Fort Clinch National Park in the north of Amelia Island, Florida on Route A1A. It is 3 miles north of Fernandina Beach. It is reached by taking exit 373 off I-95 (towards Fernandina) and continuing east for 16 miles to enter Route A1A. Then follow signs to the park and turn right onto Atlantic Avenue. Follow the road for 2 miles and the park entrance will be on the left.

Tell me more about the Fort!
Okay! The fort was originally built in 1847, the fort was named for General Duncan Lamont Clinch, who was particularly important to the Second Seminole War. It was mostly built as a form of intimidation and never saw a battle, but housed Union and Confederate soldier both throughout its tenure. [1] The State Park itself is home to tons of awesomeness that we’re certain will be great during the day including some beautiful beaches for swimming and lounging. Activities can be found on their official website here. Gorgeous photo gallery of the park can be found here.

Okay, are there any weird cool other things? Like, is it haunted?
There are hidden tunnels underneath the Fort, apparently, and this is something you see on the standard Fort tour that you might able to get during the day at the venue, unless things aren’t standard operating procedure during the day. In which case stay after the shows for a history lesson and to support historical Florida. Obviously, try not to find your way into one of the underground passages while at the show. Fort Clinch IS rumored to be haunted by several ghost enthusiasts, like these guys.

Words Are Hard
So we made this righteous playlist of HGTV type Youtube Videos on the area. Enjoy!

 Map of the Park


Click to Enlarge

Okay, well, I really hate Forts and stuff, is there anything else I can do in the area?

 They have an entire Interactive Map of stuff you can do on the island. There’s a giant town and several gorgeous beaches. There’s places to skydive, live theater, resturants, shopping, bars…looks pretty awesome

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