About Us

About Us

Obsessive. Insane. Addicted. We’ve been called alot of things…
Umphreak’s Anonymous started as a Facebook Fan Page dedicated to promoting an online Umphrey’s community that focused on our peers as well as the band. Since inception, it has multiplied to insane proportions.
The Umphreak’s Anonymous page provides an outlet for Umphrey’s fans to not only discuss the band obsessively, but also share the experience of being addicted to facemelting.
Social Media is a focal point in many of our daily lives, infiltrating everything we do. Our phones beep and buzz, our newspapers have been exchanged for Twitter feeds, our galleries swapped out for Instagrams.
Since the inception of Umphreak’s Anonymous, the page has grown and expanded to loosely help organize the Umphrey’s society under many affiliated groups and websites. The purpose? Umphrey’s fans will go to any length to feed their addiction, and we want to encourage that impassioned fanbase so that we continue along this amazing experience together as a group.
Show us your rageface!
Joshua Colky (@jcolk) maintains this website and contributes to the majority of its tools. Outside of laboring for his love of music and technology, Josh is also a poet, outdoorsman, traveluster and gamer. He is an administrator of the Umphreak’s Anonymous fan group.
Jason Turngren (@jajunk) is the creator of Umphreak’s Anonymous. Jason has a history of training in radio and cinematography, and recently has been learning the ins and outs of photoshop, contributing to this page and the Utopian Blur. He is an administrator of the Umphreak’s Anonymous fan group.
Tara Gracer contributes to this site with usage of her photography. Many of the photographs on Umphreaks Anonymous. She is awesome and you should be following her many various pages. Her photography can be found here.

Additional Frequent Contributors:
Aaron Spitz is head of merchandise and design and leads management of merchandise design for Umphreak's Anonymous. He contributes heavily to any design work for the online or merchandising presence.
Randy Harris contributes photography to Umphreak's Anonymous by allowing  occasional use of his works. He is the creator of Raging Randy Entertainment.
Jeremy Fraizer is the creator of Soundfuse Magazine and a good friend of Umphreak's Anonymous. He contributes photography to Umphreak's Anonymous by allowing occasional use of his works.
Nicholas Stock contributes to this site through his visual masterpieces and an occasional write up or two, including our Red Rocks coverage from last year. He runs Fat Guerilla Productions and has worked with Music Marauders and Relix previously.
Our various emails:
Got Umphrey’s / Umphreak’s Pictures? pics@umanonymous.com
Other UMAnon related inquires? umanon@umanonymous.com
Josh: josh@umanon.com
Jason: jason@umanon.com
Aaron: aaron@umanon.com
Other Contributors Include:
Carmel O'Farrell - Writing
Kristine Bo Bean - Photography
Sabrina Palmer - Photography

One comment on “About Us

  1. Missoula review:NEVER. MISS. A. MONTANA. SHOW.
    Don’t even know where to begin on this one……the glaringly obvious thing to point out first is that this was the rowdiest, most raging crowd I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of…..after 24 shows, no other show or venue can match the energy that was in that room last night…..UM knew it, and so did we. Absolutely deafening between songs……can’t wait to hear it in the recording. When the energy is present like that, there is no end to what they can do and where they can go. Great peaking improv in Billy, huge “Another Brick In The Wall” jam during first Reso jam, second also phenomenal as it would have to be to get to Kimble. Plunger>Glory>OB may have been the highlight of the night. First set extremely rocking peppered with angelic releases. How can you not love a GITV second set opener? Kitchen got the sexy treatment. Preceding the start of Bridgeless, Bayliss says, “We’re gonna slow things down now…..this one’s from the heart.” Example 1 also got super sexy R&B-esque. Never expected to see No Diablo so well received and place was bumping, accompanied by brief improv before dropping into Tinkles. Big dance party jam in Tinkles. Casbah was tons of fun and surprisingly got the treatment to find its way back to Bridgeless. Crowd roaring nonstop while McQueen tuned guitars. The section from Ringo to Moby Dick was stellar. Kris, wearing a sleeveless collared shirt for entire second set, crushed the Dick obviously. Pony played the 4 string semi-hollow body from Kitchen through end of show. Joel tweets: “@umphreysmcgee what a great way to end the week. Missoula wins for best crowd of the west coast so far. Tons of energy out there. LA was great, Fox was too. But Wilma was beyond crazy energy. Didn’t let up between songs.” Annnnnnd I’m spent…..this thread needs bumping but I know there weren’t many Borters there, still deserves it though, a must download

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