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There is tons of music happening in the city interspersed around the Umphrey's shows. A mixture of aftershow, pre-games and halftime stretches will have Umphreaks dancing each night away.
Doom Flamingo (06/17)
Can't go an evening without Stasik!? Umphamily Synthwave titans Doom Flamingo will be hosting their own kickoff to the weekend's festivities! Live from the sweat-box on the northside, Cervantes, which has hosted several stellar Doom Flamingo shows in the past.



Argonaut Wine & Liquor
760 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80203, (303) 831-7788
Argonaut is probably one of the most comprehensive liquor stores in the city with a vast selection of craft brews, wines and liquors. There are often excellent sales. Depending on where you are in the city, there are probably other large discount liquor joints nearby and we've highlighted a few in the list, but Argonaut is likely the granddaddy of them all. If you're looking for something specific, Argonaut is a good bet. Located about a mile from downtown.


1up LoDo
1925 Blake St, Denver, CO 80202, (303) 736-2230
An oasis within the the Lower Downtown mainstreamer's party area south of the ballpark, 1Up Lodo is the ultimate barcade. A mixture of classic and modern arcades line all sides of this cavernous tavern. Umphrey's History: This is the older brother of the 2up, or 1up Colfax, where Umphrey's played a Bill GrahUM show in 2013.


Denver Beer Company
1695 Platte St, Denver, CO 80202
A wonderful brewery in the Lower Highlands, about a ten minute walk west from Union Station, with plentiful outdoor seating and delicious brews. There's a flavor for everyone's pallet, from the famous wheat beer "Princess Yum Yum" to their well loved "Pretzel Assassin" Amber Lager.


2540 19th St, Denver, CO 80211
Home of flavorful German beers like Weissbier, Wheats, Dunkles among many others. Tons of outdoor seating, a great view of the skyline, and often a nearby food-truck to sate the pallet, Prost is a great brewery in the lower highlands neighborhood that quite satisfying. Especially if you're getting a little sick of IPAs and Sours.


Grandma's House
1710 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210
A South Broadway brewery that is decked out to appear like a Grandma's basement. There are wood chairs, chalkboards, children's cups and dirty word crochet pieces, On tap are several flavors of original small craft brews, including a current offering called "Wook Pa Nub", a spin on their staple "Wook in da Pub", which might particularly appeal to our musical subculture.


Crooked Stave Friends & Family Taproom
1441 W 46th Ave Unit 19, Denver, CO 80211
Cooked Stave has morphed since its initial appearance on the beer scene. Once distinctly "the home of the Sours", the brewery has moved away from crazy lip experimentations and more into the traditional sours and brews realm. Bottled Petite Sours of Raspberry, Blueberry and Peach are crafted here, along with their oak aged offerings like a Dark Sour. Still, if you want to get a little bit wild, you've got offerings like a "Bianca Double Blueberry Almond Cake Wild Wild Brett" to twist your sour in the weird direction. If you're in to crazy sour beers, this is your spot in the city.


1634 18th St, Denver, CO 80202
Excellent brewery in the Union Station section of downtown Denver. Right across from the central terminal, Wynkoops has been a Colorado mainstay since Denver was a giant parking lot. Have you heard of John Hickenlooper? He's running for president or some shit, but back in the day he was brewing beers with his buddies at Wynkoop. Currently featuring many unique brews including an excellent Chili Beer called Paddy's, a bull testicle brewed Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout and a Lush Vibes Specialty Sour with Tangerine and Tangello.


5950 S Platte Canyon Rd, Littleton, CO 80123
Locavore is off the beaten path, but their beer is unbelievable. With an extreme number of brews, Locavore has several options for any pallet. Their Blackberry Betty and their Sugar Magnolia are two popular brews in the city. They also often have a delicious chili beer. Currently on tap are such distinctive options as the Extra Special Bitter Tooth n Ale, their light and refreshing Split the Baby Blueberry Lemon Wheat, and their Tripel Lindy. Tons of beers, enjoy a few, take a safe ride home.


Green Russel
1422 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80202
A Denver Speakeasy with fun cocktails. You might have to call and make a reservation (it is pretty easy). A little on the pricey side, but you really only have one or two there before moving on. They grow there own herbs too! It is a lot of fun. There is a dress code and they request that you not come with a party greater than six. Rated number 7 on the "Top 30 bars on the Planet" by Conde Nast Traveler.


The Cruise Room
1600 17th St, Denver, CO 80202
Located in The Oxford Hotel, The Cruise Room is our favorite classy entry into our list and is often considered one of the nicest bars in Denver. Classic cocktails are crafted within this beautiful 1930s throwback which was modeled after a lounge on the Queen Mary. Feel like your imbibing within history by choosing from a list of classic cocktails while listening to an old 45 playing jukebox scroll through hits of the era.


Peaks Lounge
27th Floor, 650 15th St, Denver, CO 80202
The Peaks Lounge is another classy offering. Located on the 27th floor of the Hyatt Regency near the Convention Center, the Peaks Lounge offers some of the most stunning west-facing views of the mountains from the city. Nestled among the Skyline, you can see the hustle and bustle of the streets below and how they trail all the way into the foothills. Sunsets can paint the sky gorgeous watercolors. It is best to go before the evening so that you can take in the view, however, it still looks nice at night. Not cheap, so make sure to focus on the views while you sip your one drink before you go to rage someplace else.


Tivoli Brewing
900 Auraria Pkwy, Denver, CO 80204
Tivoli's history is a very unique and underrated, especially considering its history.  Having been in the same space since 1859, the city grew up with Tivoli. It is the oldest brewery in Colorado and one of the oldest in the country. This brewery has the most traditional flavors and brews out of any we mentioned - a red, a lager, a hefe, a bock. Many of the recipes are pre-prohibition and have not changed since the establishment of the brewery. Today it is part of a college campus where three universities intersect on what was the foundation of the city.


The Tabletop Tap
3394 S Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113
We usually try to include one or two barcades in the list, but Tabletop is different. It's more like an all-around nerd bar, with gaming systems built into the bartop, several old school arcade cabinets stacked around the rooms perimeter, and tons of table space to play board and card games, everything free-to-play.  There's a check out list for tons of games if you're feeling anything from battleship to DND. There is an excellent selection of beers on constant rotation. Next door to an extensive and cool Head Shop (that has the cutest puppy), Positive Vibes.


Dead Hippie Brewing
3701 S Santa Fe Dr #7, Sheridan, CO 80110
Delicious drinks at this not-so-obvious Dead Bar. They brew their own beer and and are kind, local folk who always have good music on. Occasionally they have an excellent habanero beer called "Feel the Bern".


Odells Downtown Denver
2945 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205
Back in the day, the only Odells that existed was in Fort Collins and we had to walk all the way there in the snow barefoot and no complaining or you wouldn't get any beer. Anyway, now they've opened a taproom in downtown Denver and you can sip Odells delicious brews reliably on tap as opposed to going schlepping up to Fort Collins or buying 'em in cans.


Oskar Blues
1624 Market St, Denver, CO 80202
Oskar Blues is a relatively new establishment in downtown Denver and it quickly became popular. Southern inspired dishes in a spruced up saloon above what will, at some point, be a really neat music venue for small bands. Oskar Blues actual brewery is in Longmont up north, but you can taste any number of their beers on tap here. The creators of Dale's Pale and Mama's Little Yellow have OTHER (possibly better) beers worth sampling. This spot is very accessible to folks staying downtown.


13th St & Ford Street, Golden, CO
The silver bullet itself was first brewed here at the Coors brewery in Golden, Colorado. One of only a few breweries to survive prohibition, Coors has remained true to its old recipe, creating palletable pisswater for a long time thanks to the deliciousness of Colorado's mountain spring water. This tour used to be free but I have heard recently that it now costs $5.

Goldspot Brewing
4970 Lowell Blvd, Denver, CO 80221
 Easily accessible when heading westbound on I-70, Goldspot is a small time brewer in the Regis neighborhood which makes fantastic, flavorful and sessionable beers. My favorite is the Pinot Barrel Aged Strawberry Saison, but the Blueberry Vanilla Sour and Chocolate Cherry Stout are also well recommended. They have a small but cute patio.


1701 Wynkoop Street, Suite 150 Denver, CO 80202 / 2262 Larimer St. Denver, CO 80205
Snooze is one of our more popular breakfast establishments, and has now opened a location on Colorado Blvd and within Union Station. Even so, expect a wait. They are most known for their pancakes, like their Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes or Blueberry Danish Pancakes. They also have the excellent renditions of the standards.


600 E. 13th Ave (@ Pearl Street) Denver, CO
One of the sugariest breakfasts in the country. Umphrey's fans will appreciate the bacon-maple donuts. Hell, everyone appreciates them. This place is an instant health problem, so come prepared. There are a few savory items on the menu so those without a sweet-tooth should still be able to get the breakfast standards.


Voodoo Donuts
1520 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80218>
Yes, we have a Voodoo Donuts.


236 W 13th Ave, Denver, CO 80204
Delicious straight forward breakfast food inside of a cute little house near the downtown area. Considered a Denver institution, the omelets are all named after Colorado landmarks and locales. Expect a line on Saturdays and Sundays, but other days of the week are generally smooth sailing.


Breakfast on Broadway
2901 S Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113
Englewood, Colorado is in love with the Greasey Spoon. If you find yourself scrounging from breakfast on Sunday morning, and are down south in the City or are staying in Littleton, this place is a great alternative to the massive line that is often at Breakfast Queen...AND this spot is only six blocks down the street. You can prebook reservations using the Yelp! app. So if you time it right, you can wait right from your couch at your AirBnB. If you're staying downtown, see Pete's KitchenDozens or The Delectable Egg.


The Delectable Egg
1642 Market St Denver, CO 80202 / 1625 Court PlDenver, CO 80202
Two downtown-proper locations on either end of the 16th Street Mall have helped to set this place up as a Denver mainstay. Their menu is traditional but extensive and you're certain to find something delicious. The wait is never too too long (for the most part) and they're generous with their coffee. I have heard excellent things about the Peanut Butter Crunch French Toast. Great stumbling hungover distance if you're staying downtown and there's no breakfast in your hotel.


Denver Biscuit Company
Several locations - 4275 Tennyson St, Denver, CO 80212
Known for giant creative biscuits piled high with various breakfast meats, the Denver Biscuit Company has been a popular spot in the city for almost a decade. Traditional biscuits and gravy are available, but there are tons of other sandwich-made-with-biscuits options to please the pallet.


Habit Donut Dispensary
1553 Platte St #130, Denver, CO 80202
Simply some of the most amazing doughnuts in Denver. Voodoo gets all the attention but Habit is the truly local spot. Hand crafted, one of a kind treats made daily and small batch stylie. It's. So. Damn. Good.


Breakfast Queen #2
3460 S Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113
Good olde fashioned, old timey breakfast at a good price. This place is just a greasy spoon, but it's excellent if that's what you're looking for. Traditional straight forward breakfast - hash browns, pancakes, omelettes....mmmm, fattening goodness. Nowhere near Downtown, this spot is for folks who are staying closer to the south, like Littleton/Englewood/Lakewood area. If you're staying downtown, see Pete's KitchenDozens or The Delectable Egg.


Pete's Kitchen
1962 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206
Infamous greasy spoon style breakfasts - a little bit east of the venue but easily reachable, open 24 hours a day to serve grub for you hungry Umphreaks. Traditional American breakfast throwdown with a few Greek cuisines randomly thrown into the mix. Pete runs several other establishments throughout the city but this is the only one that is 24/7.


3927 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80212 &  320 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80203
Southern inspired fare mixed with some truly bizzarre dishes like fried buffalo hash, or cereal milkshakes - considered some of the best in the country. They have mimosa flights and a bunch of Bloody Mary's. The deep south Benedict comes highly recommended. Extremely popular breakfast joint with a couple vegetarian options.





Cheba Hut
1531 Champa St, Denver, CO 80202
A motherfuckin' classic. What's great about Cheba Hut is that they're Umphreaks - you'll see Umphrey's McGee posters on the walls and might occasionally hear a jam or two if you stick around for a brew. Choose from any number of medically influenced names, sized from pinner to blunt, sit back and enjoy a cottonmouth cure as you wait. Personal favorite is the Magic Mushroom. Many of their sandwiches can be made vegan. There are several locations, but the two most accessible will be the one right downtown on Champa, or the one in Capitol Hill on Colfax Avenue. There's also now a spot on East Colfax as well which is relatively accessible.

Ace Eat Serve
501 E 17th Ave, Denver, CO 80203
Ace can be a crazy energetic place. It's a ping pong spot that serves Asian fusion cuisine. Located in Uptown very close to downtown. They have pho, ramen, bibimbap, a ton of different savory buns and cocktails. Grab a ping pong paddle and some lunch.


Yampa Sandwich Company
444 17th St, Denver, CO 80202 / 1617 Wazee St, Denver, CO 80202
This small Steamboat Springs born, Colorado chain sandwich spot has some excellent sandwiches, punctuated by their tasty bread. Decent variety of sandwiches. Two downtown locations: one by Union Station, one by Civic Center Park-ish. Plenty of options for vegetarians and carnivores, no options for vegans.


Blue Bonnet Mexican Cafe
457 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80209
Informal Mexican spot in the SOBO neighborhood that has been drawing locals in with their homestyle cuisine for over forty years. It's "nothing special" attitude is part of what makes it something special, if you're looking for Americanized Mexican classics, this spot will more than do the trick.


1890 E Evans Ave, Denver, CO 80210
Open nearly 24/7, Jerusalem's is located next to the DU campus, midcity near Washington Park. Perfect late night spot to stop on the way home, but if you're downtown it's still a $10 Lyft away. There are few better spots than Jerusalem if you're down for falafel or gyros, unless Shondiz is open.


Woody's Woodfired Pizza 1305 Washington Ave, Golden, CO
Woody's is a pizzeria well known for their Woodfire buffet which allows access to infinite pizza, soups and salads for $14. They often have a large variety of pizzas rotating throughout the meal periods. If buffet is not your thing, you can order a customized pie. They also have tons of pastas and other tavern style standards, including not-half-bad burgers. For vegans, there is Daiya cheese for some items - not certain if pizza can be made full vegan. Another plant based alternative includes the Impossible Burger. Located in the heart of downtown Golden, so best for those located on the West Side of the city, though there is also a location in southern Denver.


Park Burger
2615 Walnut St, Denver, CO 80205
Tons of burger options available at this popular Uptown establishment not far from the Fillmore.  There are several unusual options to go along with the classics - they have a "Burger of the Sea" made with Tuna, a lamb burger and a FunGuy mushroom burger, Outside of their meats, the restaurant offers many varieties of fries and chips. A few vegetarian options.


Vine Street
1700 Vine Street Denver, CO 80206
This funky brewpub has excellent food for all types and absolutely delicious beer to quench the pallet. Located towards the eastern end of Uptown, Vine Street has a wide selection of pubfare for both carnivores and their vegan friends. Sister tavern to the Mountain Sun Brewery in Boulder and carries some homebrews that are concocted at the other spot. Cash only.


Sherpa House Restaurant & Cultural Center 1518 Washington Ave, Golden, CO
Himalayan and Mediterranean dishes served in a house done up to look like a traditional Nepalese abode. The outdoor spaces are well done and eating on the patio can be a very relaxing experience. Sherpa House looks out onto North and South table mountain, to high rising mesas which the city of Golden is wrapped around. Generally food is served buffet style, however, there are some options to order individually.




1600 California St, Denver, CO 80202
You know what this is. It's not the best Chicago Deep Dish pizza, but it's recipe was birthed from the loins of the Great Lakes, its flavor far exceeding anything similar you'll get in the mile high area. Located in the heart of downtown on the 16th street mall, Giordano's is better than 'meh'. Especially if you're in Denver, you're stoned and looking to ingest some good greasy.


700 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80203
All about variety. You can have almost any pizza type you'd like - thin crust, deep dish, Detroit style, grandma style, spinach stuffed...they'll have whatever you're looking for. It's not the world's greatest pizza but it doesn't suck either. Right across the street from the Fillmore Auditorium, so this is an excellent go to spot if you've run out of time and need to lay down a grease layer. Very near Argonaut Liquors.


Wymans 2003, 2033 E 13th Ave, Denver, CO

Wyman's is a very dark, very dreary deep dish pizza "Chicago Bar". Used to be the most authentic deep dish in the city until Giordano's came to town. If you're scouting for a spot that's showing a chi-town sportzball game, Wyman's is very likely to have it on. Their pizza takes awhile to craft so it might not hurt to call ahead if you're short on time, however, it is quite delicious. Located nearby beautiful Cheeseman Park in the center of Capitol Hill, right next to an excellent ice cream spot. Relatively close to the Fillmore.

3350 Brighton Blvd, Denver, CO 80216
Do you want tavern style square cut pizza while you're in Denver? Then you want Grabowski's. Located in The Source. Don't ask questions, just eat the pizza.

Fire on the Mountain
3801 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211
Fire on the Mountain is a wing and sandwich joint that has a loose Deadhead vibe. Their wings are highly celebrated throughout the city. Offering house made seitan wings and cauliflower wings for vegans. Located in The Highlands.


Sunny Garden
6460 E Yale Ave, Denver, CO 80222
If you randomly find yourself southeast in the city,  Sunny Gardens may be the best Chinese food option for you! Excellent delivery within two miles and lots of options for vegetarians and vegans. I mean, like, an insane amount of veggie meat (as well as regular meat). Fast, fairly cheap. Definitely not-authentic but still damn good take out. Southside of the city.




The Buckhorn Exchange
1000 Osage St, Denver, CO 80204
An historic landmark in Denver, the Buckhorn Exchange has been in operating since 1893. A steakhouse famed for its Rocky Mountain Oysters...along with Yak and Ostrich. The interior of red brick walls are lined with animal heads. Featuring one of the oldest bars in Denver, the first licensed to sell hard liquor in the state. Theodore Roosevelt ate at the restaurant in 1907 when he came through on the Presidential Express. Located right off the 10th & Osage Lightrail stop.


2030 W 30th Ave, Denver, CO 80211
One of the most popular restaurants in the city, Linger sits atop a high in the Lower Highlands looking out upon the city skyline. Located within what was a funeral parlor, Linger has a strange and alluring atmosphere. When there is good weather, you can sit on the roof and dine under the neon lights. Tons of options for carnivores and vegans alike. At the end of your experience, when the waiter brings your check, you are required to sing "do you have you have you have to let it Liiiinnnngggeerrrrrrr"...


523 E 17th Ave, Denver, CO 80203
Decked out in retro chic, Stuebens is a semi-diner in Uptown which has a wide variety of classics imported from the vast reaches of our country. Because of this wide scope, the menu varies a bit from the other dinner spots - meatloaf and huevos rancheros are listed next to trout and etoufee. Light lunchers might be looking for something more along the lines of their sandwiches.


Root Down
1600 W 33rd Ave, Denver, CO 8021
Once an old gas station, this trendy Highlands hotspot has small plate that make your mouth pop.  Very fresh ingredients are used to create beautifully presented meals. Try to make reservations ahead of time, this spot is often full.

 Sputnik 3 South Broadway, Denver, CO
Vintage-style hangout that serves unique carnivorous, vegetarian & vegan-friendly foods. Open late-night and located in the busy SOBO neighborhood. Located across the street from Nooch and nearby a zillion bars, Sputnik is mid city for most folks, easily accesible off main artery Broadway, and has eats for everyone. They serve brunch Saturdays and Sundays until 3pm - $5 Bloodys, $6 Mimosa Carafes. There is a Full Vegan menu for those who have diet restrictions. They have a bit of a punk aesthetic, being next door to the world famous Hi-Dive music venue, but I wouldn't say its a punk bar by any stretch.

Bang Up to the Elephant  1310 Pearl St, Denver, CO 80203
Flavorful Caribbean and Cajun inspired dishes with many many options for vegetarians and vegans. The menu is extensive with some complex drinks available. The wings - both chicken and seitan - are outstanding. The restaurant has a unique interior which is reminiscent of the tropics without being cheesy or a Tiki Bar outright. Some of the food has magnificent spicing, especially the edamame.




Watercourse Foods
837 E 17th Ave, Denver, CO 80203
Watercourse is one of the most well known vegan spots in Colorado. Located on 17th street in the heart of Uptown, very close to the Fillmore Auditorium, Watercourse has been able to bridge the vegan-dine-out space between Junk and Health foods.


5505 W 20th Ave, Edgewater, CO 80214
Some truly amazing plant based debauchery. Metaburger serves your former favorites in a manner that is authentic to form while remaining completely vegan. Several vegan burgers from their own in-house crafted patty are their forte. Metaburger is has recently opened up a location in Edgewater, near Sloan's Lake, so you can get this award winning vegan burger goodness just 15 minutes from the city center.  It's sooooo good if you're craving a vegan shake and some junk food. Note: Avoid the MAC - it's no good.


Native Foods
680 South Colorado Blvd
Native Foods is a chain vegan restaurant with a location in the Denver that offers vegan junkfood. It is somewhat similar to a vegan Panera, except the meals are a bit hardier. Outside of burgers, they also have vegan brisket, orange cauliflower and chickn sandwiches. It is all tasty, though not terrible inventive.


Wong Way Vegan
Food Truck
Schedule for 2021 Red Rocks:  Friday - NOOCH! - 10 E Ellsworth Ave, Denver, CO 80209, USA; Saturday - City Park Farmer's Market
Wong Way Vegan is one of the best plant based food trucks in the city. Serving a rotating variety of comfort food dishes, Wong Way is instant mouth watering mania for a starving vegan. Some of their best dishes include the Boulder Philly, the Veggie Tater Tots and their Salted Caramel Bread Pudding, but everything from this truck is delicious. They also often host a Kegs & Eggs breakfast and, according to their schedule, they will be throwing one Sunday of the 2019 Red Rocks run at Alternation Brewing.


The Vegan Van
Food Truck
Schedule for 2021 Red Rocks:  Friday /Saturday - North City Park - 2760 Steele St, Denver, CO 80205, USA; Sunday - NOOCH! - 10 E Ellsworth Ave, Denver, CO 80209, USA
The Vegan Van is a plain white truck that looks like it might kidnap you, but really the only thing it will be stealing is your hunger. Known for their vegan burgers (Baconhater and Chubby Girl ftw), the Vegan Van keeps a busy schedule making it easier to find than other food trucks around the city. 

10 E Ellsworth Ave, Denver, CO 80209, USA
Vegan Food Store
Nooch is a 100% vegan grocery focused on providing plant based alternatives to all products. While they are a smidge more expensive than other spots, their selection is massive. They have premium faux meats, like The Butcher's Daughter's ribs or steaks, along with tons of vegan snacks. Located on South Broadway, so fairly easily accessible to anyone staying either downtown OR down south. This is a cool area of town as well with lots of fun party spots.

Tips for Vegans: Despite being a fairly progressive city, Denver does not have a lot of vegan specific restaurants. However, there are a lot of Vegan options at standard carnivore restaurants and we have tried to make mention of them in the above Take Out and Dine In sections. There are also a significant number of vegan specific food trucks which we have listed and are often at random locations throughout the city. Breakfast in this city sucks for vegans - especially since the pandemic wiped out Beetbox Kitchen. Watercourse or Our Daily Bread are really your only vegan baked good options as this point. 

Public Transit In Denver

Denver has a fairly extensive light rail system. Depending on where you're heading, you can easily get from the center of the city many places, but you might need to use a rideshare or scooter to augment your ride. When you arrive at Denver International Airport, you will likely use the A-Line Lightrail Train to get to Union Station. It's only $9 and takes about 40 minutes total. The airport is far from everything, so it's going to feel like a long way between the city and the airport.

Once you get downtown, things get easier. Lyfts and Ubers will easily take you all over the city and are usually faster than the lightrail, except during rush hour. Lightrail is definitely cheaper, so if you find yourself staying along the line, take that instead. You can get as far as Golden when you're trying to head out west. To the North, you can get to Thornton, and the south leads to both Littleton (southwest) and Lone Tree (southeast). You can also get to Aurora, directly to the East, by taking a connecting train.

If you're staying out West, the W-Line can take you between Golden and Downtown. It terminates at the Golden courthouse. Golden is the home of Coors and is about 10 minutes north of Morrison, Colorado, where Red Rocks is located - it may be easy to catch a Lyft from this location (sounds good in theory, have not tried in practice).

If you're staying in the downtown area on or along 16th street, you can take the free Mallride. It will take you from the western portion of downtown (Union Station) all the way to the far eastern tip (Civic Center Station) and back.



Party Buses

The pandemic killed the vast majority of Red Rocks party buses in Denver. While it appears that the two most popular - CID and Bus to Show - are preparing to start getting back into the swing of things, it doesn't seem like they will be available for Umphrey's. So far, the only option I can find is Bus Party! Colorado.


Parking (If You Have To)

Red Rocks has famous parking lots, well known for the fantastic pregame party they provide. There's nothing quite sets the tone like seeing old friends and blasting tunes while surrounded by absolutely gorgeous red hogbacks that encompass Red Rock's sprawling grounds. The Upper North (Entrances 1 & 4) lot requires the least amount of stair-climbing to enter the venue, while The Lower South (Entrances 2 & 3) lots generally have a wilder "party atmosphere", but have the furthest to walk to reach the venue. The Upper South Lot is middle ground in all senses


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