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Jams Every Umphreak Show Know: Bridgeless > Example 1 > Pipeline > Nemo > Black Water > Jimmy Stewart > Bridgeless 4/14/2007

Now, we don’t try to sway votes and if we had been intending harassing you for UMBowl Stewart choices we would have started a bit earlier – but come on! This HAS to be on your list. Well, atleast the Jimmy Stewart > Bridgeless part, which is featured on the new Raw Stewage 2015 (Buy it! Quit slackin’!) is part of a larger MASSIVE Bridgeless sandwich, the full of which we’ve featured here! Captured masterfully by Ian White (full show here), this piece of history from the 9:30 Club in Washington DC is a slice of heaven an deserves 50 minutes of your time, repeatedly, for the next week. Hot damn would it be cool to hear this recreated at the umphcoming UMBOWL!

Download here (right click, “save as”)

We want to take a moment right here to thank Tapers who make this entire thing possible. The taping community at large and the organizing they have undertaken, especially through tools like eTree and Archive, have taken trading to levels unphathomable. They make it possible to have all this amazing music! Distributed with the artist’s blessing, without profit, simply for the joy of music, of capturing a moment, of archiving history. So when you see a taper at a show, ask them if they’d like a beer or tell em they’re doing a damn good job for the community! It is hard work and they do it because they love it, but damn do we appreciate it!