Return of the Utopian Blur

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The Utopian Blur had been one of our favorite projects for years. Who doesn’t enjoy crafting semi-relevant satire while focusing on your favorite band? Unfortunately, the Utopian Blur fell into disrepair when we switch web hosts. People got busy, other projects came along, but we never forgot about our beloved Utopian Blur. This year, when we asked what project we should focus our attention for the next six months, Twitter Umphreaks asked that we revive the Blur.

So we’ve started. We’re piecing together all the old articles so that everything you previously loved about the Blur will be right where it was! And we have started drafting a slew of new articles to harass and mislead you with from now onwards (and upwards!). Once the meter above reaches 100%, you will be able to get all of your latest news at