Umphrey’s McRPG

Um...What's Happening Here?

Umphrey’s McRPG is a creative idea by the team at Umphreak's Anonymous to craft an Umphrey's McGee themed sci-fi RPG in the vein of old school Final Fantasy VI   in style art and battle layout



Initial Statement

Umphrey’s McRPG is a creative idea by the team at Umphreak's Anonymous to craft an Umphrey's McGee themed sci-fi RPG in the vein of old school Final Fantasy VI   in style art and battle layout . As an avid gamer, I have fond memories of playing epic favorites like  Zelda: Link to the Past , Illusions of Gaia and Phantasy Star IV .  While we're not saying anything we'll create will even be close to as amazing as those games were (at their time), but we want to create something fun, funny, and focused around our favorite band. Why? Well, because we can. Also, because we think other fans would have a really great time with it and we would too. We've always loved doing creative Umphrey's stuff. Mold it with a casual video game and you're talking about something we can't resist.

Our hope is to create a trilogy. For this kickstarter we're only promising one game from the project - Umphrey's McRPG: The Search of Andy's Last Beerbut we're gonna use the tools to make the other two if all goes well.

So here's the deal:

We came up with the idea when we purchased a piece of software called RPG Maker VX Ace in 2015 as part of the Humble Bundle  and started developing some ideas but quickly abandoned the concept in favor of other goals (We're still working on those projects, but we've gotten much better at time and project management, and we believe that given enough time and creative effort, we could make this happen). However, since we began working on the previous iteration of this idea, RPG Maker upgraded to a newer software, RPG Maker MV . The software uses a programming language called Ruby on Rails to use a mixture of both an easy-to-us graphic interface and the programming language itself to make indie RPG games. Other artists in the community have also created and altered tons of art to fit different games, and they release them to the world. Each game then taking the programming of tons of maps, events, characters, bad guys, the creation of the story, etc.  The new software would supports Android, PC, iPad/iPhone, Mac and HTML5/Browsers). The graphics will look like updated "old-school" graphics. I am not a graphic designer, I am a systems engineer and creative writer who likes making games like this for fun but I am not going to be able to make the most amazing art you've ever seen. It will not be super 3d or anything. But it will be fun.

We estimate the entire project taking about nine months with a soft deadline of next spring, a hard deadline of Red Rocks 2019, and a dear-god-worst-case-scenario deadline of NYE 2019, which we do not anticipate. We hope to be ahead of schedule.

We do not want to make any money from this project whatsoever - this is an homage to our favorite band and one of our favorite video game genres and we will not sell the game when it is done. We want everyone to have fun with this project. We were however wondering if anyone who is interested and generous in the community is willing to help share some of the financial burden to update the software that we have and to purchase the add-ons. We will create the game regardless, but assistance in raising the funds will greatly speed up how long it takes for us to start making the game. And if you do choose to contribute, we'll greatly appreciate it and you forever and ever!

If you choose to back us, or even if you do not, we thank you for your time and for checking out Umphreaks Anonymous in general. We love creating Umphrey's based fan projects and we love Umphreaks!!