The “Interview Project”

Total Progress Thus Far

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What's the Idea?

Are you willing to be interviewed about your love of Umphrey's? Has the band played a central role in your adventures over the past few years? We're looking for folks who are willing to chat about their experience as Umphreaks!

What does this project entail? Well, we're not trying to give away too many details, but in short, we'll want to ask you many questions about a few general concepts: What is your relationship with music? What does Umphrey's mean to you? and What does being an Umphreak mean to you? From those  general questions, you probably get the idea - we want this project to focus on Umphreaks, their love of Umphrey's, and what life has been like on this journey with their favorite band.

Must be willing to go for audio and visual recording, we can discuss other options like if you'd prefer to use your twitter handle instead of your real name, etc.

Umphrey's has been such a vital part in so many of our lives, helping to shape hours of our lives, everything from what we do with our Paid Time Off to our how we craft our own personal art, to our identities as human beings. We are Umphreaks! And we want to celebrate this! And reflect on the fact that this relatively unknown band from the midwest is somehow near-secretly selling out venues all across the country.

We're enlisting help from Umphreaks all over the country, including that of our homie Sara from Umphreaks Parents Podcast,  to interview as many Umphreaks that we can. If you're interested in lending a hand and being an interviewer and helping us gather as much material as possible for this project, indicate so on the form.

You will need to be okay with being filmed, photo'd and recorded for this project. We'll be doing these interviews around specific shows, meeting up earlier day-of-show or sometime over a longer run to make the interview happen.

No show in your future as of now? This form will update as the tour schedule does, so feel free to keep checking back.

How long is this Going to Take to Complete?

Interviewing people takes a lot of time and then editing the footage is an entirely different ordeal. Looking at our current progress and wanting to stay realistic, we feel confident that if we start this now, we'll be able to finish in 2022. All of our projects are created thanks to the hard work of volunteers.

How Long will Each Interview Take?

That really depends on you, but we aim between an hour and an hour and a half for each interview.

From that footage, we will cut out some of the best portions, lines and answers, and will heavy edit the footage to put the majority of the focus directly on the Umphreak being interviewed.

Where is this Going to Take Place?

This will take place in coffee shops, hotel rooms, AirBNBs, campsites, diners and in front of venues all over the country. After you fill out the form, we will contact you to see if we can schedule the interview and where it will be. As we have limited staff, we will not be able to interview everyone that replies, but we will see if there is any way to circle back around on future dates (we have two years) to make this work.