Best of the Best Tournament

We're rehashing an idea we had a few years back. Since March Madness, brackets have been all the rage in the Jamband community, but fun as they are, inquiring about favorite song or maybe favorite show, they do not drive towards the paramount question - what is the greatest jam.  We aim to at least gleam some light on this question. Of course, friends like UMSpreadsheet have been searching for this answer in depth (you should check them out), but we thought that a tournament approach might be fun to try.  Far be it from us to decide which options should fill out the branches of this bracket, we're believers in putting that query to the hands of the people and are reaching out to Umphreaks to find out what jams should fill in the Best of the Best Tournament, now voting on Wife SoupYoga Pants. We're including every original the band has offered us for the most mass scale, all encompassing investigation into what tracks stand tall amongst them all.

Voting for Group 4 ends Monday, May 28th at 11:59pm

Imagery provided by the always amazing Tara Gracer Design and Photography.

Please note: We are not collecting email addresses or anything, we only have you log into Google so that you may vote only once! Thank you!

List of Umphreak Chosen Contenders

  • Wappy Sprayberry - 9/4/2009 Mishawaka Amphitheater, Bellvue, Colorado
  • Words - 11/6/2014 Kalamazoo State Theater, Kalamazoo, Michigan

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