Update #4:

Let's Review

Good evening awesome people!

It's been awhile since we gave an update regarding the Umphrey's McRPG project. With so much going on this past fall, it has not been easy to find time to just pop in and give a written appraisal of the situation. We will be better about this throughout 2019 as we complete this game.

Last time we spoke, we provided you with a preview of our Ryan chibi and a mini movie of that sprite in action. At that time we hadn't planned on providing any other additional character stuff, but, ya'know, things change and stuff. Everything we show you here is subject to change by the games final release - we've already gone through six versions of Brendan, and while we're nearing the final look for his sprite, we've got lots of work to do on the rest of his art.

So, just to recap, here's what we had for Ryan:




Bayliss Faces

Brendan has taken more work. Ryan's accessories (hat, sunglasses) do a lot to make his character pop and make him easily recognizable. For Brendan, the development as been slower as we've weighed the benefits of different hair colors, different outfits. Bayliss has brown eyes but we thought for a short time he might have blue eyes, and the character you will see in these shots does have blue eyes.

Here's the basic outline portrait types we plan to use with Brendan:



The Battle Sequence

The battle system that comes with the little game engine we are using for development - RPG Maker MV (that we were able to purchase thanks to all you wonderful people) is somewhat boring and default on it's own. Changing it up is a complex but fun process and has allowed us to greatly upgrade the "feel" of the battles. We've included a "before/after" shot to illustrate how default the "default" is and how much nicer it can be with just a little sprucing. For some reason, the gifs seem to have turned out a tiny bit squished - not certain why this is. :-/


  Old Battle Camera

New Battle Camera


That's about it for this update. We've done tons of other stuff, like programmed in dozens of special weapons, crafted dozens of maps, and started entering in some quests. We're very excited about this project and we hope this update helped keep your interest piqued as well!

We'll provide further and more frequent updates throughout this year!!

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