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On This Day in Umphrey’s History


Set 1: Intro > Prowler > Gesture Under a Mitten[1], Divisions, Mullet (Over), Roulette, Mamu > Out Of Order

Set 2: Water, Resolution > Get In The Van > Drums[2], Uncommon, Dump City[3] > Young Lust[4], The Fussy Dutchman

Encore: Glory > 40’s Theme

[1] ending only
[2] with Jake on percussion
[3] ended with rotation jam; Brendan on bass, Ryan on keys, Jake on drums with Mike; Mike moved to Jake’s moog as well as Jake’s guitar; Joel played percussion before returning to keys; Craig Brodhead played Brendan’s guitar; with The Emperor
[4] as Brendan and Ryan reclaimed their instruments, the band went into Young Lust (Pink Floyd) with Jake on drums and Mike at Jake’s mic

Support: Aranka Fabian

Archive: N/A
UMLive: N/A


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