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The South Loves Umphrey’s: Upcoming Texas Run and August Return to Florida Announcedish

Well holy shit! Umphrey’s McGee has ANOTHER sellout on their hands. This time in Arkansas at George’s Majestic ( and Venue Wiki), continuing Umphrey’s domination of the south on the heels of their St. Augustine run #makinglemonade with Lettuce. Following that, the below little Twitter exchange ensued with more good news for Floridians:

Joel also wouldn’t provide us any extra details when we harassed him, but we’re certain they’ll be forthcoming shortly:  

We’ve made some guesstimates to set up some Umphreaks Social events:

This source ( has a completely different listing, so it’s sorta up in the air until something official is finally announced. However, definitely 3 days in Florida in August!

All this right before Umphrey’s takes to Texas for their annual 4/20apx Rompous around the Lone Star state (Dallas – , Houston – , Stubbs – ).

Hot damn it’s a good time to be an Umphrey’s fan in the South!

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