Required Jams

Jams Every Umphreak Show Know: Nothing too Fancy 2/7/2004

How about a super fun drum beat down to kick off your Friday night? Nothing too Fancy is anything but as the band lays out a funky jam in Boulder, Colorado, stemming all the way back to 2004. The real champions of this jam are those on the skins, With Ilya Stemkovsky of OM Trio taking the drums while Kris and Andy are on percussion. It is noted in the AUD that there is a Rocket Queen (Guns ‘n Roses) jam, sweetness. The full show is excellent, and the archive link is an SBD practically, making it one of the more widely circulated early Umphrey’s recordings amongst the Colorado fanbase, maybe one of the shows that helped to sew the seeds in one of their largest markets? We’re guessing this was in many a folk’s burnt-cdr case chillin’ in the car. Check it out for an old school set, (with a weird short Bright Lights) tasty covers of “Shine On Your Crazy Diamond” and “…And Justice for All” here.

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