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Get Sociable – welcome to our new website!

Umphreak’s Anonymous has completed integrating their community tools into the Umphreak’s Anonymous page, ending a two month campaign to transform the website and add to its many uses in a way that utilizes the community at hand! Umphreak’s Social is a “social media” aspect built right into the Umphreak’s Anonymous page and tools. Some people only log into places like Facebook to check out and obtain Umphrey’s McGee related information – they despise the overbearing ads, unnecessary censorship and overall weirdness that comes with a large social media site like Facebook. Umphreak’s Social offers an alternative, built right out of our webpage. There are events, message boards, private messaging, profiles, groups – gorgeous mobile access, and no over bearing ads (as of right now there are zero ads, but shit gets expensive, we still will never get overbearing or irrelevant). Plus, all your Umphreak’s Anonymous tools (like Radio, Utopian Blur, The Umphreak Collective, Dream Setlist Machine) and more are all right here, and we’ll be adding new stuff all the time. Sure, it is a little quiet right now, but its brand new, so of course it’s gonna be that way at the start – but lets change that! 🙂 Why wait on it? Get Sociable.

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