on this day in umphrey's history

On This Day in Umphrey’s History (02/10)

On This Day in Umphrey’s History

02.10.2006 The Rave MILWAUKEE, WI, USA
Set 1: August[1] > Roulette, Nothing Too Fancy > Sludge & Death > Great American[2] > Nothing Too Fancy

Set 2: Dump City > Wife Soup[3] > Much Obliged > Dump City, Believe the Lie, FF > Hurt Bird Bath[4]

Encore: Thin Air

[1] “Jimmy Stewart” with lyrics
[2] with The End (The Doors​) lyrical tease
[3] with Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ (Michael Jackson​) tease
[4] with When the Levee Breaks (Led Zeppelin Official​) teases
last Sludge & Death 04.03.2004 (251 shows)

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