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One of the major challenges in designing your own Social Media Network is to find something that will differentiate it from other tools. When we created Umphreak’s Anonymous Social, it was more of an experiment than a completed project, and it is still in its infancy, but today we announce a major upgrade – mobile accessibility.

All of Umphreak’s Anonymous social is now accessible via your mobile web browser in easy to read single column awesomeness. Why should you use Umphreak’s Anonymous social? For starters, Umphreak’s Anonymous Social is Ad-free, censorship free, and negativity free. The focus surrounds Umphrey’s McGee specific and the community that has grown from it as opposed to profiles and timelines. Easy access to all of Umphrey’s and Umphreak’s tools are right at your fingertips. While registration has been slow to start, we haven’t been pushing the tool that much as we know how important mobile access is for any website. That changes today. Easy umphrey’s convo accessible in updated, gorgeous web 3.0, mobile and and desktop access.

Our original idea is as follows:

Do you spend 90% of your time on Facebook talking about Umphrey’s McGee? Are you also developing a strong dislike for Facebook? Would it make any sense for me to cull the efforts of the collective tools of Umphreak’s Anonymous into a Social Media Engine (so, having a Umphreak’s login, messenger, forms which to discuss shit, articles, etc etc) and create that type of experience? Would anyone use a Social Media website specifically for Umphreaks?i
We would want to know things like what is broken, what features and functionality we could add that would make the system better, what design changes would work best for you, stuff to that extent.

It takes us some time to approve new accounts, so bear with us, and lots of shit still doesn’t work. Obviously bear with us there as well. But, it should be a fun new place to cause Umphrey’s related ruckus.

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