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Sorry we’re a little late on this one…understandably 😉


Set 1: Bathing Digits > Wappy Sprayberry > Puppet String > Mad Love, No Diablo, Bridgeless > Puppet String, Women Wine and Song[1], Speak Up[2]

Set 2: Bad Friday, Wife Soup[1], Red Tape[1], Make It Right[1], Ringo[3] > Educated Guess, Example 1, Tempted[4]

Set 3: Bright Lights, Big City[1] > Auld Lang Syne[1], JaJunk > Bitter Sweet Haji > JaJunk, Push the Pig[1] > Space Funk Booty[1], Ignition[5], 40’s Theme

Set 4: Much Obliged > Bridgeless, Christmas In Hollis[6]

[1] with Mad Dog and His Filthy Little Secret horns
[2] debut, original; with Mad Dog and His Filthy Little Secret horns
[3] with Blackbird (The Beatles) jam
[4] debut, Squeeze; with Mad Dog and His Filthy Little Secret horns
[5] debut, R. Kelly; with Mad Dog and His Filthy Little Secret horns
[6] debut, Run-D.M.C.; with Mad Dog and His Filthy Little Secret horns


Most Recent Setlist

The Fillmore Auditorium
Denver, CO

Andy’s Last Beer, Attachments, #5, Piranhas > > Utopian Fir* > Phil’s Farm

Robot World > Jimmy Stewart > Resolution > In the Kitchen > Upward, Tribute to Spinal Shaft > The Fuzz > Glory > In the Kitchen > Den

All in Time

* with Silver Machine (Hawkwind) interlude; for Lemmy

Setlist photo via UM’s Twitter

Tonight’s Show!

Get Ready to Rage/West/Repeat!

Dec 30, 2015UMPH DAY
Fillmore Auditorium
Denver, CO

8:00 PM
Show Time
Price: $37.50

Ages:16 AND OVER

  • with The Nth Power to open
  • general on sale tickets are now available through LiveNation; three-day passes are also available here

Our New Years Eve Survival Guide:

Event on UMANON:

After Show Information:

Unofficial After Show with Cycles at Tony P’s on 17th:

Cycles sounds like this:


The Best Of Umphrey’s Youtube, 2015!

2015 was an absolutely OUTSTANDING year with over-the-top jams galore! One of the best things about Umphrey’s is the often capture and share professional quality video of these performances, allowing us to get up close and personal reliving them. Umphrey’s released a ton of YouTube in 2015. With there being no “On This Day” for 12/22, we figured we’d compile some amazing videos instead. Here’s some of our favorites from 2015 (in chronological order):

Posted Jan 13, 2015

Posted Feb 17, 2015

Posted Feb 21, 2015

Posted Mar 11, 2015

Posted Mar 13, 2015

Posted Apr 15, 2015

Posted May 4, 2015

Posted May 13, 2015

Posted Jun 2, 2015

Posted Jul 10, 2015

Posted Aug 5, 2015

Posted Aug 28, 2015

Posted Sep 2, 2015

Posted Oct 2, 2015

Posted Oct 7, 2015

Posted Oct 12, 2015

Posted Oct 25, 2015


Posted Nov 12, 2015


Don’t Forget About our NYE Survival Guide!

New Years Eve 2015!


From out of state and it’s your first time in Colorado? Seasoned Mile High vet looking for something new to do? Facemelted fan looking for details on the venue/shows/aftershows and the rest of that tasty goodness?! Want to read up about the history of Umphrey’s New Years Eves come and gone?! Check out our Umphreak’s Anonymous New Years Eve 2015 Survival Guide! Being added to daily, this little run down endeavors to be a one-stop shop for your NYE Update needs.

We’ll be adding photo galleries, reviews, podcasts and other goodies to this page throughout the run!

Do YOU have all your New Years Ever plans worked out?! If not, let us help! 🙂


Most Recent Setlist: J&B and Joel Setlists

Brendan Bayliss & Jake Cinninger Holiday Show
Park West, Chicago, IL

Similar Skin > Gulf Stream, Cut the Cable, Susanah*, Syncopated Strangers**, Carol of the Bells, Dancing Days*, Bron-Yr-Aur*, Down by the Seaside*, Push and Pull, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Two Dips***, Paranoid***, Tempted*, Comma Later*, Weight Around*, Showdown*, Baby Bitch*

E: Last Train Home*, Upward*, Black Water*

Notes: *w/Andy Farag, Joel Cummins and Mike Racky
**w/Andy Farag and Joel Cummins
***w/Farag, Cummins, Racky and Wade Wilby

[h/t to for the full set]
Brendan Bayliss and Jake Cinninger Play Annual Holiday Show in Chicago

Joel Setlist

Orfeo, Pour Le Piano Prelude (Debussy), Blue in Green (Miles Davis/Bill Evans), Sonata Pathetique 1st Movement (Beethoven), Improv > Concerning a UFO (Sufjan Stevens) > Chicago*, Linus and Lucy (Vince Guaraldi)

Encore: Easy Lover (Phil Collins)

* with Mike Racky on Pedal Steel