on this day in umphrey's history

On This Day in Umphrey’s History

09.09.2004 GYPSY TEA ROOM, DEEP ELLUM, TX, USADeep Ellum

Set 1: Nemo, Smell the Mitten, The Fuzz[1] > The Stranger, All Things Ninja > Glory > All Things Ninja, FF > Peter Gunn / Every Breath You Take > Plunger

Set 2: Ocean Billy, 2nd Self, The Triple Wide > In Bloom, The Pequod > Ahab > The Pequod, August > White Man’s Moccasins, Slacker, Nopener

Encore: The Fussy Dutchman, Waiting Room

[1] with Glory teases

Archive: N/A
UMLive: http://umlive.net//live-music/0,1212/Umphreys-McGee-mp3-flac-download-9-9-2004-Gypsy-Tea-Room-Deep-Ellum-TX.html


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