on this day in umphrey's history

On This Day in Umphrey’s History (1/30)

On This Day in Umphrey’s History

01.30.1999 Benchwarmers, South Bend, IN

Set 1: August, Much Obliged > Red Baron > Muff II: The Revenge, Up on Cripple Creek, Hours > Front Porch > Orfeo, Bob

Set 2: Phil’s Farm, Hangover > Big Bottom, Nachos for Two, All In Time, Birthday, G-Song, Jessica, Der Bluten Kat > Kimble > Der Bluten Kat, Baby Honey Sugar Darlin’, Fool in the Rain >FF > Jump > FF[1] > Muff II: The Revenge[2]

Encore: The Other Side of Things

[1] rap by Dennis
[2] rap by Gary “Dope Rhymes”

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